Dump 1813 NSW D/2
ID: 3

DESCRIPTION: 1813 15 Pence NSW Type D/2. A superb example, well struck with clear Crown and Fleur de Lis, and with strong lettering and a trace of "H" on Reverse. Lovely old tone with a hint of red, and some of the underlying original coin design. This coin come with impeccable provenance being Ex the P. F Worth collection and illustrated as the example for a D/2 Dump in Mira/Noble "The Holey Dollars of New South Wales" pp 91 and 92. The D/2's are a rarer type than the A/1, especially in high grade. Current catalogue for a D/2 example in EF is more than 4 times the price we are looking for! An exceptional and important Colonial coin, and one of the finest D/2 Dumps known. A perfect coin to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the Colonial Proclamation series in 2013!