About Legendary Numismatics
Legendary Numismatics aims to provide only the rarest and highest quality items, and everything we offer has been selected to reflect this philosophy.

Beauty and desirability are qualities we seek to provide, one rarity at a time. Rare numismatics are acknowledged worldwide as an alternative to wealth creation and maintenance.

A guarantee of authenticity and our professional service built on 28 years of experience at the highest levels of the numismatic industry ensure you are dealing with a company matched by it's products. Our access to rare stock means we only select items we feel will give our clients the best possibilities for potential gain.

High quality, rarity and beauty at fair market prices, these are the cornerstones of our business.

Legendary Numismatics was founded as an offshoot of Australia's premiere Boutique Auction House IAG (International Auction Galleries) in 2012 with a view to providing our existing and potential clients with an always available opportunity to secure some of the best and rarest in Numismatics at well below retail market prices. Quality and rarity is our key focus, and we will aim to provide a constantly changing variety of personally selected highlight items for your consideration on sale 24/7.

At this point in time we are aiming to be mainly web based, which will ultimately keep all our prices keenly competitive, but will also be available for phttps://consultation, or at major trade fairs such as the A.N.D.A Coin and Banknote Fairs. Feel free to email us if you have any queries or wish for any further information on any lots.

All items have been selected by us to reflect high quality and rarity at keen market prices to ensure that their future potential is maximised. Even at the cheaper end of the spectrum, only high grade items of sufficient quality and rarity will be selected. We will endeavour to provide as much information on our stock as possible, including provenance and relevant background information to allow you to make well informed choices. This will be expanded as we continue to build our online experience.

Our stock has been sourced from numerous sources including estates, private clients, IAG selected stock and previously unsold IAG auction material (with unsold lots presented at reduced prices, providing bargain buying on quality lots). New selected items will appear as we continue to source material that meets our existing criteria and demands for exceptional quality and rarity, at well below retail market prices.

All items we sell are guaranteed for quality and authenticity, and are backed up with the security of a 14 day return privilege (some conditions apply, see our Terms & Conditions of trade). Our focus is on building long term relationships with our clients, rather than individual sales, thus great service and client satisfaction is our aim.

We feel confident you will be as satisfied with our quality selection as we are, and will enjoy your "Legendary" purchases and appreciate their true beauty, quality and potential as much as we do.