Comm. Bank Set 1 to 50 Pound
ID: 1236

DESCRIPTION: One Pound Commercial Bank of Sydney Specimen Proof full colour set of 5 notes: 1 Pound, 5 pound, 10 Pound, 20 Pound and 50 Pound. Dated Sydney 18-- (MVR 3) and printed by W & K Johnston Edinburgh for Cowan and Co. Sydney. The only complete full set known, with the between 1 and 3 only know of each of these individual types. The 10 and 20 Pound with small punch holes as issued. Fabulous and classical style with unique colourings (especially on the 20 Pound) and a striking and very rare set of Pre Federation Specimen notes that are Unique as a set. Now heavily reduced, and an absolute bargain considering their original sale price of nearly $300,000!